*postmark chairs*

I found these chairs sitting outside in the rain, getting ruined at the furniture graveyard.
The finish was ruined and the upholstery was kind of musty.

I spray painted the frames black and recovered the seats with tan muslin.
I covered the staples with black double-fold bias tape, hot glued shut.

I traced a salad plate on the fabric with a pencil and then freehanded the letters
and went over the whole thing with a paint marker. I was sort of inspired to do this by the postmark bulletin board from Pottery Barn.

*molli's dining table*

I found this set of six chairs and a table with 2 leaves for my friend Molli at the furniture graveyard. It had been sitting in the elements for a while and I had to get rid of a lot of spiders.

I hate painting dining chairs. Will somebody please show me how to use my sprayer? It rained nearly the entire time I was painting this, so I did it all inside my kitchen.

The fabric I found was a great stripe but it was way too bright for the pastel shabby chic look Molli was going for.

But when I flipped the fabric over, the lighter side was washed out and perfect.

The chairs are all really sturdy and the caning was in great shape on all but one chair back. I ordered some caning and reed spline to repair it, and I'll try to post a tutorial about recaning the chair if I don't screw it up too badly. I'm not super optimistic about that, but I saw a tutorial on Much to do with Nothing and she made it look pretty simple, so I'm giving it a shot.

Okay, confession time. The caning was in great shape on all of the chairs when I got them. But then I threw the hose pipe extension thing for my shop vac toward the back door when I was cleaning out the workshop and it went RIGHT THROUGH the back of a chair that was sitting on the back porch waiting to be painted. Like a hot knife through butter. Yes, I am an idiot. I may or may not have cursed. Okay, I did.

*kitchen cabinet*

I paid way too much for this cabinet, but I loved it. I still was able to double my investment, so it was worth it. The woman who bought it needed it delivered to her home in Sedona, so my ex-husband helped me haul it over... He's such a good sport.


*cupcake display*

I made this cupcake stand for Paysen's fifth birthday party, at which she has declared that everything has to be pink.

I took an old plant stand and unscrewed all of the foot-shaped pieces from the center supports. I was left with five center pieces with double-ended screws threading them together. I cut different sized circles (I traced a couple of lampshades) out of plywood with a jigsaw, (they're far from perfect circles) and drilled holes big enough for the screws to fit through.

I threaded the whole thing together, then I took some finials that I jigsawed the top off of and screwed them to the bottom for feet. I painted it pink, then I took striped scrapbook paper and cut a scalloped edge on one side, then I hot-glued it to the side of the circles. I tried double-sided sticky scrapbook squares, didn't work. I tried staples, didn't work. Gotta love the hot glue.

Now I need to make one that isn't quite so girly for other parties... Maybe black.


Junkrestore Vintage Market was listed in Flea Market Style magazine's latest issue and I have gotten a TON of emails asking me when and where the next sale will be held. The magazine listed March and October because those were the dates that we held sales last year, but I don't have anything scheduled for March this year. I am currently scouting for a location for the next sale, and I promise that I will update the Facebook page as soon as I have anything confirmed. Click {HERE} to be rerouted to the Junkrestore Facebook page, make sure you like it, and you will be the first to know when the next sale comes around.


Vintage Market #7

The weather couldn't have been more perfect. Finally, after six sales in which we have been plagued with wind, dust, unbearable heat, frost, and enough rain to prompt spontaneous kayaking in the street, we had a gorgeous couple of days for the sale.

We had twenty-five vendors this time and the market was located in rural Queen Creek, about ten miles south of US60 that runs through Mesa, Gilbert, and Tempe. Marty Miracle runs AZ Animal Rescue, and shoppers got to say hello to the horses, goats, and the horse-sized dog in the pasture.

We have the best vendors and they always bring the most amazing things to each market. We also have the best shoppers around, everyone has so much fun and it's always a blast. Thank you for coming, as always.

More photos after the break!

Vintage Market #6

I have the best sister. How many people do you know that would VOLUNTEER to empty all the furniture from their entire 3000 square foot house into the garage so a bunch of strangers could bring in truckloads of awesome vintage merchandise and an even bigger bunch of strangers could traipse through, despite the fact that it was pouring rain outside so much that a neighbor decided to kayak in the street?

None, probably. But I know one. And she did just that. We squeezed (squoze) fifteen of our favorite vendors into her house and had a huge crowd of shoppers. I was nervous about how it was going to work out but all the shoppers were really patient and the vendors went out of their way to help each other out. I would love to do another small sale for the holidays, if I can coerce her into participating.


*Vintage Market #5*

The Fifth Junkrestore Vintage Market was the most successful sale yet. We had around twenty-five vendors and some of the most amazing finds yet! The weather was a little bit breezy on Friday (I lost my canopy in a windburst) but it was sunny and warm. 


Fabric Covered Suitcases

I found a tutorial for fabric-covered suitcases on Elsie Larson's blog A Beautiful Mess and decided to try to duplicate it with my own vintage suitcases and some fabric from Scrapbooks Etc in Mesa, AZ. I think mine turned out very well. It was messy, but an easy project.

These are hers. Now I'm on the hunt for more suitcases just like this to remake for the barn sale.


wooden box, remade


I found a wood box at Goodwill yesterday for $2. I spray painted it cream.

I took some antique stencils, and using a pencil I traced the letters.

I filled in the letters with a brown paint marker.

I marked off a cross and filled it in with red acrylic paint.

After the paint dried, I took a sanding block and sanded the letters and cross, and all the edges. I then sealed it with a clear matte spray paint. Now I have a cash box for the flea markets.


Christmas is put away...

I'm not sorry. I've become quite the minimalist in the past year, partially by choice. 

Less is more for me, at this point. I'm seriously decluttering my life, in all aspects.

It feels great.


Merry Christmas

This is it for me. The most humble sort of Christmas will be happening at my house this year, and I have come to terms with that. There is no giant tree or lights outside. We won't have much, but we have each other.

I have a tiny collection of vintage Shiny Brite ornaments that I will never part with.

Merry Christmas to all my followers. I hope this holiday season finds you happy and healthy, and remembering what is important.


My New Bed

One of my vendors brought this bed to the barn sale and as soon as I saw it I knew it had to be mine.

I need to paint the lamps a different color now. the black seems too harsh to me. But this bedding has stood up for over a year and still looks amazing, despite my three kids. It was a present to myself after the success of my first barn sale, and this bed was a present to myself after the amazing success of my fourth sale. I can't wait to see what I get next time.


Salvage Coffee Table

I found this parts-washing table at a yard sale a few weeks ago. I loved the base so much, things like this are very hard to find here in the Southwest.

I unscrewed the heavy metal top and set it aside, then I took that beadboard door that I bought at another sale and cut it down with my circular saw and popped it right into the opening.

There's a tiny bit of green paint in the table top, which is complemented by the green base.


Small Projects

A few weeks ago I had a job interview with a couple of girls who were starting a recycled jewelry company and looking for "researchers". Whatever that means. Part of the interview was that I was supposed to bring a few of my smaller craft and recycling projects with me so they had an idea of what kinds of things I make.

I made this bag from a $3 rug from Ikea and a vintage leather belt. It wasn't easy to sew through it, I recommend a serger to prevent fraying (I just used a zigzag stitch). I then sewed on a small brass escutcheon for detail.

I bought some antique bronze chain from Joann's and used little jump rings to attach antique skeleton keys.

I saw something very similar to this on Pinterest and wanted to see if I could duplicate it. I used a small scrap of leather and another escutcheon and sewed it to a key ring. 

My sister gave me this small brass number plaque that she had made into a bracelet. The chain made it difficult to wear, but when I attached it to a leather bracelet it worked perfectly.

And along the same lines, I found these little enamel number plaques in the scrapbooking section of Joann's and attached it to a leather bracelet.

I didn't get the job, but I had a really good time making these.


New Work Space

I made room in my bedroom for a smallish workspace. My sister let me use her farmhouse table in my kitchen so I brought my smaller table into my room and the lockers from the bathroom. 

It took me all day but I reorganized my entire junk closet and I feel so much better. We'll see how long it takes me before I start piling stuff on top of the desk and bury it completely.

Cleanup on Aisle Ten

I can't be the only person that this has ever happened to before. A can of white paint, left unattended after I painted my nightstands white. Knocked over by the infamous Not Me. Visions of me losing my security deposit flashing before my eyes. 

I scraped as much of it as I could off the carpet and then literally started drowning it in soapy water. I think I dumped a total of five gallons of water on it, a gallon at a time. I vacuumed it up with my shop vac (the filter removed), repeating until it looked like it was gone. 

We'll see what it looks like when it's dry. If it ever dries. And I can't imagine what the pad underneath looks like. But I don't care, at least it's off the carpet and my security deposit is safe. Until next time.


Black Mid Century Desk

One of the shoppers at the vintage market bought a desk from the girls at Mrs. Ms. Misc. and asked around to see if anyone could refinish it for her.

I brought it home and painted it black satin for her. It's curing right now and will be ready to be picked up in a couple of days.


*Vintage Market #4*

Well. That was quite the adventure. After literally weeks of gorgeous weather, and even Thursday being an absolutely beautiful day, Friday opened cloudy and a little breezy.

We had lots of shoppers that kept both cashiers busy constantly. That little breeze turned into a full on dust storm at about one PM and so all the dealers had to lower their canopies and tarp things up. We secured things the best we could and just went home for the night.

The next morning we arrived and assessed the damage, which wasn't too bad, considering the size of the storm that came through the valley. Only a couple of broken things but nobody's canopies blew away and nothing got so wet that it was ruined. Saturday was only about 65 degrees, so it was quite a bit cooler but we still had lots of shoppers.

I'm already planning the next sale, which will be held during Lehi Days in historic Mesa the first weekend of March. We already have a location, and have room for about twenty of our favorite vendors. Let me know if you are interested, because I will have to be very selective just because of our space limitations. We will have a ton of traffic and I'm very excited that I can already start planning.



I haven't done a project, answered an email or phone call, or bought anything new to refinish in months. I haven't blogged in months.

I did distress my armoire last night. That's about the extent of my projects.