*Vintage Market #1*

My sister and I were joined by our mother and four other friends of ours in this sale, including my friend Cassie from reuse reinvent redesign. Everyone has decidedly different tastes. Cassie is eclectic and inventive, Debi and Mary have a talent for finding things with a vintage theme, and Sharon and her daughters specialize in refinishing furniture in bright, fun colors. My mother is a mishmash of all of these. We call her style Early American Yard Sale.

It has been a terrific success, ensuring that we will hold another one in a couple of months. The weather held despite some menacing-looking clouds. I had several customers drive over from as far away as two hours, many expressing their disappointment that when they got there, a lot of stuff had already sold. I didn't open until 8am, and most of the great stuff was gone by about 9:30, so what can I tell you? Come earlier next time.

This is where we had the sale, the property belongs to a friend of mine, keeping vendor fees and costs low for everyone.

This was the reason I called it a barn sale, the term alone stumped lots of people. We were originally going to hold it in the barn, which he has converted into a virtual showroom for his vintage Volkswagens (another reason why I love this guy) but when we realized how much stuff we actually had, we knew we would be better off under the huge pecan tree.

This is a shot of some of the things Cassie brought, including a gorgeous bench made from an old bed and some nightstands that were missing drawers, but she put little white containers in the spaces.

These are shots of Debi and Mary's spot, and you can see me taking a photo, blissfully ignorant that I'm in the mirror.

The last photos are of Sharon and her daughter's stuff. I didn't get pics of a great shabby dresser and some bed benches that sold before I took these shots.


Christa @ Modern Vintage Interiors said...

Tara, i wish I would have come! If you do it again in two months, I really want to be there (if I have enough projects completed here). Sounds like a really fun two days.

Vallimasoos said...

I LOVED it! I will definitely come earlier next time!

PS... Blueberry Muffins were YUMMY!

- the girl from Dewey!

oliveoyl64 said...

link to cassies blog is not working.

Love that barn.

If those poopooers were diehards, they would know all the good stuff goes first. I see some awesome goodness in the pics.

Cassie -- A.K.A. Chic Junker said...

Tara your a genius!
What a great idea! It was so much fun, and I will for sure be ready for next time. I think this is the greatest thing that this area has had. Maybe I will stay here and not move! haha!

tara said...

I fixed the linky thing to Cassie's blog, you have to check it out! I'm dumb and forgot that you must have an http:// at the beginning.

Nikki@KreativeKnack said...

How great is your post today! I love everything! I'm so jazzed for you guys...great turn out! Oh and I would love to be updated on your next sale...I may like to make a trip out...maybe bring a few things to join in on all the fun :) Good Job!

cherilynn12289 said...

Just curious, I saw your posts on craigslist for a dresser that is now sold, and it took me to this website of yours. I live in Flagstaff az and I wanted to know if the table with two chairs and folding sides was still for sale?
If so, email me at lunch.box@live.com