*Vintage Market #3*

Can you believe the color of the sky? Temps were right around 100 but that didn't stop the shoppers. We had a very busy start, with a line outside the gate before opening.

This was my checkout tent. The banner has been with me at all three sales. It's kind of a tradition now.

My best friend and sister joins me for every sale and I could not do this without her. She inspires me every day with ideas for new projects.

Please check out her blog {here} and become a follower if you haven't already. She's amazingly talented.

Nikki brought a few things for the sale, but she's moving too, so she didn't have time to prepare. The lockers sold right away, and the guy who came topick them up was super happy about it. They weighed a ton.

I also would not have survived without my awesome friend Cassie. She sat in 100 degree traffic for 5 hours to come help me on Friday and Saturday. She wasn't even selling anything this time, but she came to help. Follow her blog, ReuseReinventRedesign. (I think moving is contagious. Cassie is moving this weekend too.)

This was my view of the front spaces.

This is a shot from the roof. It doesn't even show the seven spaces on the right side. We had 32 vendors total, with most there for all three days. Some vendors were new on Saturday, which brought in new shoppers and also people that had come on Thursday or Friday.

Kristina sold these gorgeous rose headbands.

Jessica and Kalli had a great selection of vintage items, they have a great eye. The lampshades were a huge hit. Jess and I went flea marketing together a while ago, and we have exactly the same tastes, and not in a good way. We kept wanting to buy the same things!

Brenda had vintage fans and wooden crates, and an old door that everyone wanted to buy, but it was just for display.

Shannon is so incredibly talented. She reupholsters furniture and makes custom tables and other furniture pieces. Check her out at Modern Revival.

Two Chick and a Vinyl Cutter had lots of plaques and tiles available. You can see their blog {here}

I only had a few things for sale because of my move last weekend, but I'll definitely have more next time.

Michele from Frames with Attitude had gorgeous frames to choose from.

Anita is also an upholsterer, up north in Sedona. She redid this awesome sofa in Amy Butler fabric.

Pam had these incredible bracelets made from buttons and other bits of vintage ephemera. I wish I had bought one. She also makes bird feeders and birdbaths out of vintage dishes and light fixtures. So cool!!

Louise had lots of Shabby Chic furniture and home decor.

Anne Marie and Cara from Twice Lovely came all the way from Prescott.

Debbie had lots of great vintage pieces, including glassware.

Michelle had great stuff. I bought a set of mercury glass cups for only $5!

Love these Mahjong bracelets.

Robin set her display up beautifully, and rearranged every time someone bought something, so it stayed looking great the whole time.

Jake from Dusty Gem Decor brought a giant trailer full of amazing pieces, including a turquoise piano.

Suzanne from Thrift Store Decor Junky had the coolest arty pieces.

Julie had Shabby Chic furniture and lots of home decorating items. Her shabby frames sold as soon as she brought them in.

Nicole from Strawberry Monday had bright and colorful items.

Marcy is Upcycled. She takes vintage items and reuses them in interesting and unique ways.

Mary and Letha had a lot of glassware and a ton of flower frogs that I wish I had gotten my hot little hands on.

Alicia and Priscilla from Poppy Lime Design are two of the nicest girls I've ever met. And they are TALENTED. Their headbands, necklaces, and flower pins were a huge hit.

And check out that lampshade! What an awesome design!

Staci had a ton of windows, which always sell fast and furiously. She also made these frames with wire in them, and tiny little clothespins to hang photos. They sold out quickly.

Brent from Restoration Plantation came and brought some great Shabby Chic and cottage furniture.

Christa from Stories of a House brought her gorgeous furniture and a few little accent pieces. She had a great dining set but it sold before I could take a photograph of it.

Danielle from A Vintage Heart came with her fantastic frames and ornaments made with old molding and ceiling tin.

Tanya came from Fitrou. They had great industrial pieces and beautiful one-of-a-kind necklaces, a fantastic selectionof vintage bottles, aprons, pillows, and old letters. I loved the ones that said "oh".

The sale was a wild success and we can't wait for another one. If you are interested in being a vendor at the next sale, send me an email at junkrestore@gmail.com.


ShantyGirl said...

Wow, this was a sale I am sad I missed, so much eye candy. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures it looks like a wonderful time and an awesome sale! Love the pieces of turqois, the turqois dresser in one of the later pictures is awesome and the piano.

Erin said...

WOW!! What an amazing sale!! There was so much to choose from! I wish I lived closer, one, so I could participate...but two, so I could SHOP!! :)

Rebecca said...

You did an amazing job bringing together such talented people and I cannot wait to come to the next one. I love my table that I purchase and it looks awesome in the house.
Congrats....on such a great turn out.

Cassie Stocker said...

I hope all your hard work paid off. You did amazing job putting everything together. You really have a knack for business. I would love to see you do this regularly, you deserve a successful venture like this!
Great job Tara!
Luv ya!

Janelle - The Farmer's Wife said...

I am sitting here drooling...it all looks amazing!!!! Great job - pat yourself on the back!!!

Christa @ Stories of a House said...

Tara, many thanks again for all your hard work. This was no small task that you pulled off and it seemed so effortless for you! I look forward to many more in the future :)

Nancy said...

This was my first time attending and I brought my two adult daughters. We had so much fun checking out all the awesome booths and went home with a bag full of goodies! Looking forward to the next barn sale!

spaceestaci said...

Thank you Tara for all your hard work. I can't wait for the next barn sale:)

Amanda said...

I would have gone broke if i where there!


The Green Pea said...

I see so many things that I would love to buy. What a great sale, you had some talented ladies there. sandi

Heather Hays said...

I love the lamp towards the top of the post! Thanks for sharing - looked amazing.

Tals said...

If I lived there I would be at the Flea Market in a heart beat. There are so many things I see that I would buy.